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Because the details are important.

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive. If you don't find what you're looking for, reach out to us directly. We'd love to help!

What is the rental price and what's included?

Our prices range based on the day of the week and the venue rented. Click Here to see specific pricing.

When you book Lionsgate, you get the venue, including the outdoor gardens and client suites, tables and chairs, cocktail tables, linens (95 colors & styles), napkins, plate ware, flatware, glassware, gold or silver chargers, centerpiece options, ceremony setup, music and microphone for ceremony and your own personal

wedding coordinator. 

Is the rehearsal included?

Yes! We include a 1-hour rehearsal led by your coordinator. We do our best to schedule this the day before your wedding however if there is an event we will schedule it as close as possible.

What are the capacities of the venues?

The Gatehouse can accommodate up to 350 inside for a seated event and many more for cocktail style with limited seating.

The Dove House can accommodate up to 150 inside seated and many more outside.

The Chandelier Barn can accommodate up to 110 people seated for a ceremony only. We do not host receptions in this space.

Is there a minimum guest requirement to rent the venue? 

We can host anywhere from 1 to 350+

What is your
vendor policy?

Lionsgate has an open vendor policy with the exception of Alcohol, Cannbis, Rentals, and DJ.​

Who are your required vendors?

Party Liquor is our amazing Bar Service & Alcohol vendor. They hold all insurance and provide everything you need to have a full bar at your wedding.

Irie Weddings and Events is our Cannabis Service provider. Similar to alcohol, they hold insurance and provide a great cannabis experience.

Rentals such as upgraded tableware are required to be booked through Lionsgate. With several different rental companies on our roster, we are sure to find exactly what you are looking for to elevate your wedding day.

DJ/emcees can make or break your wedding day. Because of this, we have a great list of the best entertainment providers to ensure your wedding day goes on without a hitch.

Do you allow outside catering or for us to bring in our own food?

Yes! We want your wedding to be exactly as you've dreamed it. We have a large list of caterers that can provide everything from food trucks to organic, farm-to-table. However, you are also welcome to bring in your own food. If a vendor outside of our list is hired, Lionsgate's in-house staffing will be required to provide a full-service experience.

What decor is allowed?

Are real flame candles allowed?

Yes, you may use real flame candles, but they must be encased in glass. All LED candles are allowed.

What candles should we buy?

Pillar Candles:

3" Candles

6" Candles

9" Candles

Floating Candles

3" Floating Candles


Votive Candles

Tea Lights

Extended Burn Tea Lights

LED Candles

3 tiered pillars

Floating Candles

What Grand Exit items are allowed?

Sparklers are allowed based on the current fire ban in place. No rice, confetti, glitter, birdseed, silly string, or small particle items are allowed.

What are the hours included?

We offer two different rental options, half-day and all-day. 

What is the half day?

When booking a half-day you and your vendors will have access to the buildings and grounds at 1 pm. 5 hours of event time is included and the start time is your choice.

What is the all-day?

When adding the all-day option you will have access to the buildings and grounds at 10  am. 7 hours of event time is included and the start time is your choice.

Is there a curfew?

There is no curfew inside. Party as long as you want but we do have to stop the service and consumption of alcohol at the locally mandated time and comply with local noise ordinances.

Can my vendors and I come back in the morning to get our belongings?

No. All personal belongings and vendor items must be removed from the venue during your teardown hour. 

Do you offer help planning our event?

Yes! When you book Lionsgate you are assigned a coordinator that is fully included in the price of the venue!

What does my coordinator help with?

Your Lionsgate coordinator is going to work with you from the day you finalize your booking with Lionsgate to the end of your wedding day. Your coordinator will help you book vendors, design your wedding, create timelines and layouts, and be there on your wedding day (from beginning to end) to make sure it all comes together.

Can my coordinator book vendors outside of your preferred list?

No. Our team has been in the wedding planning business for years, and we've built up a network of reliable and talented vendors that we know will deliver. We can help you find vendors within our list that not only fit your budget but also align with your vision and can deliver the quality of service you desire.

Will my coordinator help with my rehearsal?

Most definitely! Your coordinator will not only ensure that all elements are planned but will also be there to run the rehearsal so you can relax!

Who handles set-up and tear-down?

Lionsgate has an amazing team that works behind the scenes to set up the venue to exactly as you've designed it with your coordinator. When you arrive during your "set-up" hours, anything Lionsgate owns will already be set up and ready for you. Your coordinator will be available to oversee vendors during this time. It will be your vendor's responsibility to set up what is booked through them. Teardown will be handled by your catering/waitstaff team and vendors during your included one hour of teardown. Your coordinator will help facilitate getting personal decor to your pre-determined contacts to take home at this time. 

More venue details

Do the venues have AC/Heat?

Yes! Absolutely.

Do you have parking?

Lionsgate sits on 10 acres and has over 300 parking spaces including handicap spots.

Do you have a Plan B for inclement weather?

Absolutely. We know how Colorado can be! We have several options in each building to flip the ceremony inside if needed. No additional charge. In addition, we also have our gorgeous Chandelier Barn for indoor ceremonies at an addition cost.

Does my caterer have kitchen space and is there a fee?

Both the Dove House and Gatehouse have a full prep kitchen with a warming oven and fridge space. All food must come fully cooked and our kitchens are for warming and prep work only.

No additional charges for your caterers to use our space.

Do the venues have enough power to support a full band?

Yes! Our venues were built specifically to be for events and therefore have dedicated circuits for your band and DJ's to do their thing!

Are the venues handicap accessible?

Yes. All guest spaces are handicap accessible with ramps and handicapped restroom stalls. Some ready rooms are not handicap accessible.

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