Our Mission

At Lionsgate, we are determined to break the same old wedding mold. No two love stories are the same so why should your weddings be? Our amazing team will take the time to get to know you and your love story so that we can seamlessly put together your vision. Our mission is to love fiercely and laugh often. After all, this should be about love and NOT stress. Let our family help you and your families through this amazing process and create a lifetime of memories. 

Love love love

Love fiercely and laugh often

Build a positive team and family spirit

Customization and personalization

To learn from and teach each other

Attitude of gratitude

Create open and honest relationships through communication

An attitude of helpfulness and organization

Keep calm and love chickens

Throw a party to never forget

Core Values

Meet The Team

Tom & Marie - Owners


Born in Walnut Creek, CA. Marie enjoys working on fun, creative projects in her free time. An example of this would be our lovely Chandelier Barn, where Marie hand-crystalled all 32 chandeliers on display. Marie’s ability to think outside the box, improvise, and think fast on her feet gives her the aptitude to continually add and expand to the Lionsgate venues.

Alex - General Manager


Born in Boulder, CO. Alex spends her free time with her husband and adorable 5 year old daughter, Isabelle. She also loves dancing, drumming, and taking care of the huge saltwater fish tank in her house. Alex’s ability to see her couples big picture vision for their event and then plan all the little pieces to bring that vision to life is what makes her an amazing coordinator and general manager!


"Our coordinator was Alex, and they broke the mold when they made that woman. She is incredible! She went above and beyond to accommodate our budget, keep me calm and happy, and made sure all of our guests were happy while also making sure my husband and I enjoyed our wedding." - Kylie

Gwen - Event Set-Up Manager


Born in Lafayette, CO. Gwen loves going to concerts and hanging out with her friends! Her friendly and hardworking attitude allows her to be an amazing Clean & Set Manager!

Lauren - Social Sales & Marketing


Born in Erie, CO. Lauren loves Mexican food and playing with her Huskey mix, Dakota. She's a huge Husker fan, loves cooking, and you can find her at the movie theater on her days off. Her bubbly personality and ability to make friends instantly makes her perfect to show couples our venues and an even better teammate! 

"Lauren went above and beyond during our tour to show us all the cool “ins and outs” of the property, all while answering all the detailed questions we had for her! She is super friendly and genuine! We connected with her instantly, and thoroughly enjoyed the entire 2 hour tour with her! We had a WONDERFUL time, and we highly recommend meeting with Lauren when you make your appointment! Thanks Lionsgate, we are so excited!!" - Candice

Val - Social Sales


Born in Boulder, CO. Val enjoys hiking, traveling, and coaching volleyball, all while listening to Disney music! Val’s attention to detail, communication skills, and ability to create a warm and approachable atmosphere makes her excellent for the social sales team!


"I just want you to know how immensely impressed Evan and I were with you, Val. You went above and beyond and made us feel so comfortable and secure—no other venue has done that and we’ve seen 8! Those details don’t go unnoticed and we were just so grateful for the time and effort you all put into even just this initial meeting!" - Jackie

Brooke - Event Coordinator


Born in Muncie, IN. Brooke spends her free time traveling, backpacking, playing volleyball, attending concerts, and eating sandwiches. Brooke’s calm demeanor, ability to think quickly on her feet, and organization makes her an excellent corporate coordinator.

"Brooke, I left before I had a chance to say thank you today. You were wonderful to work with. You were so available and accommodating. Thank you for everything!"

Ashley - Event Coordinator


Born in Showlow, AZ, but she grew up all over Colorado. This gal is a big time fan of theater, attends Comic-Con, and loves her cats. There really is nothing Ashley can't do in this industry. She has an incredibly detail oriented mind and hands on approach that reassures you she's got it covered no matter the situation.


"Ashley and the rest of the Lionsgate staff were absolutely incredible from start to finish. Ashley helped us find our vendors, our save-the-dates, our invites, and took care of all the logistics that can make getting married extremely stressful.  Ashley definitely made our day amazing and memorable, and would definitely recommend her and Lionsgate to anyone." -Justin

Hanna - Event Coordinator


Born in Wisconsin, but she moved to the area in the 6th grade. She's a Harry Potter nerd, an avid crafter, and loves spending time with her family. Hanna's attentiveness and ability to think on her feet make her amazing at her job. We also have to add that she has the cleanest and cutest desk in our office.


"Hanna is an amazing wedding coordinator and I am incredibly lucky to have had her help. She always made us feel as though she had everything 100% under control." - Shelby

Alaina - Event Coordinator


Born in Golden, CO. Alaina enjoys hiking (with her two Italian Greyhounds, Kirby and Arlo), traveling, drinking wine, talking plants, and crafting. Her DIY skills are more than on point! Alaina's ability to think clearly and calmly in stressful situations makes her an awesome coordinator!


"Alaina was THE BEST and we could not have imagined a more perfect night! She did everything above and beyond what we expected. Her calm and cool attitude was perfect and kept us in a great place from planning up until our wedding day. I was less stressed because of her! Thank you to her and everyone at the Lionsgate staff!" - Jordan

Natalie - Event Coordinator


From South Hadley, Massachusetts, and she has been a Colorado transplant since January 2018. She loves baking, crafting AND her 1 year old pup, Finn. She also loves traveling so much she packed up the car and drove cross-country for three months, which is how she fell in love Colorado! She is our office fashionista and loves interior design, so she can help you think of beautiful ideas for your big day!

"The staff at this venue is there to spoil you and make you feel like you really are royalty. Natalie was hands down the best that we could have asked for. They really have this wedding thing down. Even when I had questions that were out of Natalie’s job description, she still made sure I had all of the information I needed to complete any task on my own and helped me along the way. Highly recommend Lionsgate, Natalie and the Gatehouse!!!" - Jennifer

Michael - Social Media Manager


 Born in Denver, Colorado. Michael spends his time speaking and working with LGBTQ+ organizations, curating events and enhancing social media pages. Michael takes pride in his ability to inspire and share his social media knowledge to those around him.

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