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Our Mission

At Lionsgate, we are determined to break the typical wedding mold. No two love stories are the same, so why should your wedding be? Our tight-knit team is invested in getting to know you and your love story so we can seamlessly bring your vision to life. Our mission is to love fiercely and laugh often. Wedding planning should be about love, not stress. Let our family help you and yours through this personal process to create lifelong memories. 

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Our Story

Tom and Marie were married in 1990 and began the search for their new home to share along with Marie's 5-year-old son, Steve. They soon found a two acre property had been vacant for years that deserved saving and became what they later called The Dove House. The home was built in 1927 for Ms R.A. Dove by the prolific architect William N. Bowman. Inspiration hit as Tom and Marie had just experienced a difficult time finding a suitable wedding venue for their own wedding, and immediately seeing the potential, they had an epiphany. "Let's turn this into a wedding venue!". With Marie as an interior designer and artist, Tom as a marketing executive, and both of them unafraid to work hard and take a risk on a project, they began their journey.


Fast forward to 1992 with over a year of renovations and antiques acquisitions, The Dove House hosted its first event with Avista Hospital followed by it's first wedding and first holiday party. Tom and Marie were thrilled with their vision coming to life while The Dove House was gaining popularity with being the only private venue in the northern Denver area. By incorporating the best and rejecting the worst aspects they saw in other venues, they created their own version of what a wedding venue "should" be. A Lionsgate wedding would have fair pricing, lots of inclusions, the best vendors, a staff that is flexible, friendly, caring, professional, creative, and has a true love for "love". This formula worked well as they went from 3 events in their first year to an unexpected 198 events in their second. In the following years they expanded The Dove House three times by adding on the sunroom in 1993, the bar in 1994, and finally the garden room in 2007.


In 1993, Tom and Marie had the opportunity to purchase their only neighboring property which was a 1910 farmhouse with two barns, and they immediately began the next round of renovations. Discovering that many couples were looking for a venue able to seat over 150 guests which no other private venue could offer at the time, they added 12,000 square feet onto the 1,200 square foot farmhouse. They incorporated interesting antique architectural items from around the world and opened The Gatehouse in 1996, which was another immediate success.


They soon restored the hay stall barn into a living space, including elegant rooms for overnight accommodations. Next came the project of the carriage barn. They were finding the need for another indoor ceremony option for inclement weather and winter weddings, and felt this building would do the trick. Tom and Marie quickly got to work designing this new ceremony site. By using antique stained-glass, restoring almost 40 vintage chandeliers, hand painting French-style woodwork, and attaching wrought iron railings, The Chandelier Barn was born in 2017 and quickly became a huge hit.


In true family owned and operated form, Marie's now adult son Steve and his wife Alex have started playing a larger role and now run the day to day operations of Lionsgate. Their innovative ideas and insights have brought Lionsgate to the next level for future generations of clients, all while retaining the core values of giving clients the very best services and products in order to "Stress Less, Love More." 


Since 1990, Tom and Marie have continued to live on site and are still involved. Marie now spends most of her time redecorating rooms and creating unique art for the property. You can almost always find her in her workshop out back, and she loves visitors. You may often see Steve and Alex's daughter, Izzi, running around the grounds, playing with chickens, or hanging out in the office. She is in training to hopefully someday take over.

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The Gatehouse

The Dove House


The Lionsgate crew is a tight-knit group with a passion for weddings and events. Each has their own style which helps you feel that you’re paired with your perfect match. 


A few of their favorite things are grooms who get butterflies before the ceremony, dads who cry during their toast, brides feeling absolutely beautiful, a good dessert bar, a crazy dance floor, and sharing a happy hour together on our days off.

Marie & Tom

Born in Walnut Creek, CA. Marie enjoys working on fun, creative projects in her free time. An example of this would be our lovely Chandelier Barn, where Marie hand-crystalled all 32 chandeliers on display. Marie’s ability to think outside the box, improvise, and think fast on her feet gives her the aptitude to continually add and expand to the Lionsgate venues.

Owners & Founders



Born in Boulder, CO. Alex  spends her free time with her husband and adorable 9-year-old daughter, Izzi (owner in training). She also loves dancing, drumming, and taking care of the two huge newfoundlands, Achilles and Apollo. Alex’s ability to see the big picture vision for Lionsgate and then plan all the little pieces to bring that vision to life is what makes her an amazing General Manager!

Owner & General Manager



Born in Erie, CO. Lauren loves Mexican food and playing with her Huskey mix, Dakota, or her Orange Tabby, Pippin. She's a huge Husker fan, loves cooking, and you can find her at the movie theater on her days off. Her bubbly personality and ability to make friends instantly makes her perfect to show couples our venues and an even better teammate! 

Sales/Marketing Manager



Born in Wisconsin, but she moved to the area in the 6th grade. She's a Harry Potter nerd, an avid crafter, and loves spending time with her family and her 5 dogs. Hanna's attentiveness and ability to think on her feet make her amazing at her job. We also have to add that she has the cleanest and cutest desk in our office.

Event Coordinator


From South Hadley, Massachusetts, she has been a Colorado transplant since January 2018. She loves baking, crafting and her 2 year old pup, Finn. She also loves traveling so much she packed up the car and drove cross-country for three months, which is how she fell in love Colorado! She is our office fashionista and loves interior design, so she can help you think of beautiful ideas for your big day!

Event Coordinator

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Born in Golden, CO, Alaina enjoys hiking with her husband and two Italian Greyhounds, traveling, drinking wine, and talking plants. Alaina's ability to think clearly and calmly in any situation makes her a wonderful coordinator!

Event Coordinator



Born in Jacksonville, Florida. She got her Masters at Leicester University in England then moved to Colorado to fill her love for Mountains. She loves to cook, hang out with friends, ski and travel! Her love for organization and planning will ensure your day is nothing short of absolutely stunning!

Event Coordinator



Born in Naperville, IL. Marianne loves exploring all Colorado has to offer with her husband and their sweet baby boy. She loves thrifting and theatre and is always up for a costume party. Her positive attitude and willingness to help wherever needed make her a great receptionist.

Receptionist/Social Media


Born in Minnesota but raised in Colorado from 3 months old, Hallie considers herself a Colorado native. She loves all outdoor activities Colorado has to offer, but especially those that bring her above 10,000 feet. When not outside or at Lionsgate, she enjoys cozying up at home with her orange tabby cat, Fettuccine, or teaching middle and high school percussion at schools along the front range. Hallie’s undying optimism and energetic personality make her a great receptionist as well as the perfect person to manage your event setup!

Clean & Set Manager/Sales Gal


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