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At Lionsgate Event Centers, we strive to help you plan and realize the wedding or event you have dreamed.  Your experience here is not just the rental of a place.  Our work starts as soon as the parties agree to the "Fine Print", which together with the corresponding quote ("Quote"), comprises this Agreement, and includes working with you to plan and coordinate your event to help you realize your vision within your budget.  By the time the event takes place, our staff will have spent many hours helping you make your dream a reality.  It is likely that we will also have worked with and advanced funds to pay vendors.  Your event is the culmination of all the efforts, by you, by the vendors, and by Lionsgate that have led up to it.  We want you to be able to enjoy your event as it is happening, and not be worrying about the details.  Whether everything goes off like clockwork, or something unplanned happens, if you are having fun, your event will create a lifetime of memories.


Guest Counts: Client understands that the amount of the fees charged by Lionsgate are the same for all events where the guest count is between 1 and 150 for the Dove House, 1 and 200 for the Gatehouse.  The number of guests indicated above is understood to be the client’s initial estimate of the guest count for preliminary planning purposes only, and shall not be considered to be a guaranty or a contractual obligation of either party.  If an unforeseeable event occurs, as described below, then the number of guests which may ultimately attend your event may be subject to change.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, client understands that there are additional charges, as set forth in the Quote, if the final guest count exceeds 150 for the Dove House and 200 for the Gatehouse.


Booking Fee: The designated Booking Fee amount on the Quote will be due along with this signed Agreement in order to put this Agreement in force.  Promptly following the execution of this Agreement, the client will obtain and provide us with proof of Wedding Insurance. The purpose of the Booking Fee is for the services of reserving a specific date, time and venue, and for site visitation, and other administrative fees and expenses associated with the reservation. If this Agreement is canceled or changed in any way (change of event date, time and/or venue) for any reason, the entire Booking Fee is non refundable and a new Booking Fee and Agreement will be required to reserve a new date, time and/or venue.


Insurance: Unexpected and unplanned things sometimes happen.  To the extent that the risk of unexpected events can be protected against by purchasing insurance, it should be.  Please protect yourself.  We require all clients to obtain liability insurance covering bodily injury and property damage which may occur during the event in the amount of $1,000,000.  If liquor is to be used or consumed during the event, we require clients to obtain liquor liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.  We also require clients to obtain event cancellation insurance in the amount not less than the total on the Quote. The premium for event cancellation insurance is a small price to pay for the protection it can give you concerning unexpected events, and it can only be obtained by client, not by Lionsgate. If the bride or groom is in the military, such event cancellation insurance should specifically include “military call to service coverage.”  All liability insurance shall name Lionsgate Event Center as an additional insured, as shall the event cancellation insurance if such designation is available. Nothing herein shall be construed to be a representation by Lionsgate that the type of insurance required or recommended, or the amounts thereof, are sufficient to protect against all potential risks, and client is encouraged to discuss all risks with their insurance broker. The foregoing insurance requirements are obligations of the client, and client bears all risks of obtaining and maintaining adequate insurance, and for any risks not covered by insurance.  Lionsgate is not responsible for ensuring that client obtains or maintains such insurance.


Venues: There are three primary venues available at Lionsgate: the Dove House, the Chandelier Barn, and the Gatehouse, as well as the outdoor spaces adjoining each on the Lionsgate property in which all or part of an event may be held.  When you reserve a venue, it includes both the indoor and adjoining outdoor spaces, unless otherwise specifically agreed.  So, for example, an event stated to be at the Gatehouse venue shall be understood to include and mean both the indoor space of the building known as the Gatehouse and the outdoor areas adjacent to the Gatehouse building.  Any event can be planned entirely for the outdoor space of one of the venues, or entirely for the indoor space, or for a combination of both. Client is aware that other events may be going on in other venues at the same time as client’s event.  By signing this Agreement, you acknowledge that you have reviewed the venue you have chosen and the facilities available for such venue, and that you accept the venue “as is” and “with all faults” along with any changes, additions, deletions, etc. to the venue, grounds, furniture, artwork, paint/wallpaper, etc. that may be made between booking the venue and your event date. 


Decision Makers: Notwithstanding who signs or pays, Lionsgate reserves the right to take direction only from the named client or the other the designated decision makers named above throughout the term of this Agreement and leading up to and on the day of the event. These are the only decision makers. The persons who are designated as decision makers may be amended or added to at any time, but only by the client identified above. Clients are encouraged to limit the number of decision makers as much as possible to avoid conflicting or incorrect instructions to Lionsgate or vendors.  Only designated decision makers should participate in planning meetings, phone calls, emails, the delivery of financial information, and event day communications.


Event Coordinator:  At the time of booking, the client will be assigned an event Coordinator to assist you in planning and coordinating your wedding or other event.  Where possible, one Coordinator will work with you throughout the entire planning process.  However, all event planners at Lionsgate work as a team, and Lionsgate reserves the right to assign a different Coordinator at any time whether due to illness, conflicts with personal schedules, staff changes, or for any other reason.  A Lionsgate Coordinator or another Lionsgate representative will be present during all events.  It will be the responsibility of the client, designated decision makers, and client’s vendors to notify the Coordinator of any problems or situations which need attention during the event.  Lionsgate and its Coordinators will not be held responsible for the actions or decisions of the client, their decision makers, their family, their guests, or their vendors (including approved vendors), and client shall be liable for all things occurring during the event.  Client is required to obtain liability insurance in an amount satisfactory to Lionsgate, as more fully set forth above.  Lionsgate’s Coordinator will not be responsible for the set-up or removal of client or vendor's items or centerpieces.


Additional Vendor Coordination Fee: In instances where clients request the booking of vendors not included on our preferred vendor list, a coordination fee of 15% will be applied. This fee compensates for the extensive work involved in integrating a new vendor, which includes but is not limited to, obtaining pricing, confirming availability, thorough vetting, and acquiring necessary banking information for transactions. The decision to proceed with an off-list vendor is at the sole discretion of our coordinators. We reserve the right to assess whether the vendor meets our standards and is a suitable fit for the client's event. If, at any point, we determine that the chosen vendor is not aligning with our quality and service expectations, we reserve the right to discontinue their booking. In such cases, clients will be informed promptly, and they may choose to either select another vendor from our preferred list or undertake the booking process independently. This policy ensures that while we strive to accommodate client preferences, the integrity and quality of the event are maintained according to our standards.


Vendor Package: After meeting with the client, our coordinators will collaborate closely with the client to compile and present tailored quotes. Once a quote receives the client's approval, the coordinator will proceed with securing the vendor(s) by paying a deposit directly to them. This initial deposit acts as a confirmation of the vendor's services and initiates direct communication between the vendor and the client for further arrangements, including meetings and tastings.The client reserves the right to express dissatisfaction with the chosen vendor for any reason within 30 days of deposit payment. Should this occur, the client is entitled to a full refund of the deposit, and the coordinator will assist in selecting an alternative vendor. It is crucial to note that this 30-day period is the only window for deposit refunds. Beyond this timeframe, deposits become non-refundable and will be forfeited if the client chooses to cancel the vendor's services. Final payment for the vendor package is required one week prior to the event date. The client may opt to add additional vendors at any point during the planning process; these additions will adhere to the same guidelines regarding quotes, deposits, and refund policies as initially outlined. This policy ensures a flexible yet committed approach to vendor coordination, balancing client satisfaction with vendor reliability.


Planning Meetings:  The Lionsgate Coordinator will communicate with client on a regular basis between the date of this Agreement and the scheduled date of the event, and more extensive meetings will be scheduled with client, vendors, and other persons as needed to plan and coordinate your event.  All in-person meetings must be held at the Lionsgate Event Center's premises.  The Coordinator will not be required to attend meetings other than on Lionsgate’s property. 


Final Planning Meeting:  Between 3 and 5 weeks prior to your event, a final planning meeting will be held. At that time the layout of the venue and a detailed list of any changes to the original estimate will be determined.  If additional options or upgrades have been made to the original estimate (i.e. added guests, staffing, overtime, etc.) those will be discussed and added to the invoice at such meeting.  Payment for the total amount of any additional charges for such options and upgrades will be due 7 days prior to the event date.  The total charge for guests will be based on the final count given 10-14 days prior to the event, or the actual number of guests in attendance, whichever is greater. 


Additional Time:  On the day of your event, your event time may be extended in half hour increments, provided that no other event is scheduled to begin after yours in the same venue. After event time has ended you will always be given an additional one hour of clean-up/load-out time immediately following event time. The Coordinator will complete an “event log,” noting key occurrences, such as the guest total, the end time, the time period alcohol was served, etc.  If music is playing and/or more than 10 guests are still present, we will consider event time to be ongoing.  Additional time for set-up and load-out are only available with prior approval. 


Noise Limitations: Due to the proximity of Lionsgate to residential neighborhoods, and in accordance with local noise ordinances, the volume of any music played or amplified on the Lionsgate property can be a concern.  Music must be played at a volume which does not disturb neighbors and may not exceed the levels permitted by local ordinances.  In addition, music played or amplified outdoors must cease by 9:30 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and by 10:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.  The Coordinator and other representatives of Lionsgate may measure sound levels during an event, and shall have the right to require music to be turned down or to be ceased if disc jockey or band refuses to comply, in their sole discretion, if the noise levels are considered to be too high, in Lionsgate’s opinion, or to exceed the decibel restrictions provided by law.


Staffing Charges: If not using a caterer from Lionsgate's preferred list, the client must use Lionsgate's waitstaff. If Lionsgate’s waitstaff is used for your event, there will be a $14 per person charge for 4 or 5-hour events, or a $20 per person charge for 7-hour events, based on your final guest count.  The final number of guests shall be the count you provided Lionsgate 10-14 days prior to the event, or the actual number of guests who attend the event, whichever is greater.  There will be an added $3 per guest charge added for each additional event half hour added prior to, or on the day of the event.  


Gratuities:  A minimum gratuity of $500 for a half-day event and $50 per additional event hour added, will be automatically added to your contract for the Coordinator as a minimum gratuity, and if not previously collected, will be deducted from the balance of the Booking Fee after the event. If waitstaff is hired from Lionsgate, a minimum gratuity of $150 will be automatically added to your contract for the Captain, and $100 for each member of the waitstaff for a half-day event, and if not previously collected, will be deducted from the balance of the Booking Fee after the event. If additional event hours are added, it will be $20 per event hour to the captain and $12 per added hour for each additional staff member. If a professional licensed and insured full-service caterer is not hired, it will be required that you hire Lionsgate’s waitstaff.  This includes any caterer who is providing drop-off service where they provide no to very limited staff to stay on-site during the event.  The charges for New Year's Eve or holiday events will be at a 50% higher base staffing rate, and all gratuities will also be 50% higher.


Wedding or Event Rehearsals:  Rehearsals are limited to one hour and may generally be scheduled at any time that the venue involved is not being used for another event.  However, Lionsgate reserves the right to change rehearsal date, time and/or venue in order to accommodate a new event or a change to an existing event.


Privacy and Guest Conduct:  Client is aware that other events may be going on in other venues at the same time as client’s event.  During rehearsal, set-up, and load out times, there may be deliveries for other events, venue tours, other rehearsals, etc.  However, care will be taken to ensure as much separation of such activities as possible. During your actual event, Lionsgate will do everything it can to ensure that you will have privacy within the designated venue for your event and the immediately adjoining grounds, with the exception of business activities in the Gatehouse offices.  Client and their guests are expected to be courteous to, and to not interfere with other events or the guests attending such other events.  You and your guests are expected to respect the privacy of those attending other events, just as they are expected to respect your privacy.  Discrimination, abusive, and unruly activities of any kind, whether arising on the basis of race, color, gender, disability, familial partners, religion, national origin, or otherwise will not be tolerated.  The Coordinator and other representatives of Lionsgate may enter and exit the venue during an event.


Children:  All children attending an event must be under adult supervision at all times.  Lionsgate strongly encourages engaging a professional childcare provider if there will be more than 5 children between 5 and 13 years of age, and reserves the right to require a professional childcare provider if more than 15 children are expected to attend the event.  A television with a DVD player can be made available at no charge if needed to play children’s movies, etc.


Deliveries:  Deliveries for your event may only be made during the set-up time provided in your Agreement.  All items which are delivered must be marked with the client’s name and the event date, and must be delivered to the venue of your event. All gifts, food, cake, decorations, and other personal items must be removed immediately following the event during the one hour allotted load-out time.


Set-Up, Load-Out, Cleaning and Lost and Damaged Items:  Lionsgate will set up the facility and grounds with the items they own and agreed to provide as diagrammed on the layout sheet determined during the final planning meeting, but will only be responsible for set-up allocated to Lionsgate.  The client will be responsible for ensuring that vendors complete their set-up in compliance with Lionsgate’s rules and within the designated set-up time.  Caterers must clean all food and beverage related items during and after the event.  A checklist is posted in the kitchen and will be provided to the caterer or client prior to event.  Whether or not this checklist is provided, the caterer is expected to comply with Lionsgate’s checklist and rules.  Lionsgate’s staff will be responsible for the final washing of tableware, cleaning of restrooms, and other non food or beverage related items.  If the caterer does not clean up as outlined, or there is additional cleaning and/or repairs are required because of vendors or guests, the client will be charged $75 per man-hour expended by Lionsgate’s staff to complete necessary cleaning.  Waitstaff from Lionsgate or from your full-service caterer will be responsible for all normal catering requirements during an event.  Items provided by Lionsgate will be checked out prior to the event and then counted and checked in immediately after the event. The client will be held responsible for any items or property lost or damaged during your event, and it shall be presumed that such loss or damage was caused by you, your family, guests, children, or vendors. This is typically, but not limited to, broken or missing glassware.  Charges for lost or damaged items or property will be deducted from the Booking Fee.  If the total amount of such charges exceeds the remaining amount of the Booking Fee, the balance of such charges will be due from you within 7 days of final billing.  Lionsgate is authorized to charge the credit card held on account under this Agreement for any charges under this Agreement which exceeds the amount of the Booking Fee remaining after the event.


Vendors:  Lionsgate has provided client with a list of approved vendors to choose from, and urges client to select vendors from the list of approved vendors through Lionsgate’s Vendor Package.  Other vendors are permitted upon Lionsgate’s approval on a case by case basis, except for certain required vendors as provided in this Agreement.   Lionsgate reserves the right to reject vendors which have failed to live up to its standards or comply with its rules and requirements at prior events, or for any other reason, in its sole discretion.  All vendors must maintain liability insurance in an amount satisfactory to Lionsgate, and must provide Lionsgate with proof that Lionsgate has been named as an additional insured under such policy not less than 30 days prior to the date of the event.  Caterers are required to provide Lionsgate with their Food Service License and proof of liability insurance of not less than $1,000,000.  Caterers are required to maintain minimum levels of staffing at any event as may be approved by Lionsgate (generally, not less than 1 staff member per 25 guests).  A caterer’s representative must attend your final planning meeting.  If caterer is not on Lionsgate's approved list of vendors, Lionsgate's waitstaff must be hired. Other vendors may attend the final planning meeting depending upon circumstances.  All vendors must maintain workers compensation insurance, and provide proof of such insurance to Lionsgate not less than 30 days prior to the event.  Vendors must comply with all rules and requirements adopted by Lionsgate, and execute such agreements as Lionsgate may require.  If client wishes to cater the event themselves, or to engage an uninsured or drop-off caterer or a vendor not on Lionsgate's preapproved list, all waitstaff must be hired through Lionsgate.


Off-Site Rentals:  All rented items for your event must be rented exclusively through Event Rents, except for requested equipment or items which Event Rents is unable to obtain.  The client will provide Lionsgate with prompt advance written notice of all rental items needed.  It will be the client’s responsibility to notify caterers not booked through or approved by Lionsgate to secure any equipment necessary for the event exclusively through Event Rents.


DJ/Music Service: As part of our commitment to providing exceptional event experiences, we require all clients to book their DJ or music services through our venue. We understand the importance of music in creating the perfect ambiance for your special day, and we work with some of the best DJs and musicians in the industry to ensure that your event is memorable and enjoyable. By booking your music through our venue, we can ensure that the setup and coordination of the sound equipment and music selection are seamless, allowing you to focus on enjoying your celebration with your guests.


Liquor:  All liquor consumed or intended to be used during the event must be purchased exclusively from Party Liquor Inc. and must be served only by bartenders through Party Services Ltd.  No liquor may be brought on site by client or client’s guests.  If liquor has been brought on site it will be confiscated and given back to the client/guest after the event. No liquor may be taken offsite during or after the event unless previously arranged by Party Liquor.  You must contact Party Services Ltd. for information and pricing on per person beverage packages, a la carte items and specialty bars.  No liquor may be served as “shots,” and no form of binge drinking or competitive drinking is permitted.  Party Services’ bartenders may refuse to serve liquor to any person they consider to be under the influence, unruly, or unsafe.  Clients are responsible for the compliance of themselves and their guests with all liquor laws.  Lionsgate reserves the right to close the bar and stop all liquor service, and/or to call for police assistance if any guests exhibit unruly behavior, ignore directives of Lionsgate or Party Services staff, treat staff disrespectfully, or violate Lionsgate’s rules, requirements or applicable laws.  Police may be called if Lionsgate becomes aware of the use or possession of illegal drugs or weapons of any kind.  If liquor is to be served or consumed at your event, you will be required to obtain liquor liability insurance coverage, as more fully set forth in the insurance section.


Cannabis:  Lionsgate will not provide, sell or distribute cannabis in any form. All payments for purchases of products that are THC-infused must be purchased from licensed Colorado recreational dispensaries.  Amendment 64 states any adult 21 years of age or older may gift up to one ounce of cannabis to anyone over the age of 21.  Any and all cannabis used or consumed at your event must be served by an insured budtender supplied exclusively through “Irie Weddings & Events.”  Under no circumstances may cannabis be brought on the Lionsgate property by client or guests.  If cannabis has been brought on site it will be confiscated and given back to the client/guest after the event. No concentrates (shatter, dabs, wax, etc.) may be used or consumed on the property.  All cannabis edibles must be limited to a maximum of 2.5mg servings.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, Lionsgate makes no representations or recommendations about whether any quantity of cannabis is safe or may be used or consumed safely.  Irie Weddings & Events’ budtenders may refuse to serve cannabis to any person they consider to be under the influence, unruly, or unsafe.  Clients are responsible for the compliance of themselves and their guests with all applicable laws concerning cannabis use and possession.  Lionsgate reserves the right to terminate service of cannabis, and/or to call for police assistance if any guests exhibit unruly behavior, ignore directives of Lionsgate or Irie Wedding & Events staff, treat staff disrespectfully, or violate Lionsgate’s rules, requirements or applicable laws. 


ADA:  Persons with limited mobility can access the main areas of our venues, restroom facilities, and almost all areas of our grounds.  However, there are some areas in our venues that can only be accessed by stairs.  If special arrangements need to be made for your event, please discuss such arrangements with the Coordinator to see what accommodations can be made.


Indemnification: To the extent not covered by insurance, client shall indemnify and hold harmless Lionsgate, its owners, officers, directors, employees, agents, contractors, vendors, and affiliates against any and all liability, claims, actions, threats of actions, demands, expenses, attorneys’ fees, court costs, or losses of any kind or nature arising in relation to this Agreement (collectively "Claims"), the planning for the event, or during and after the event for any reason, including but not limited to mistakes, errors, omissions, negligence, accidents, wrongful acts, intentional or willful acts, deficiencies in performance, breach of contract, or otherwise.  The parties intend that client bear all risks of or related to this Agreement and that most or all of such risks be defrayed by insurance purchased by the client.


Payments & Late Charges: Payments for your event and the dates on which such payments are due are outlined in the Quote.  Accepted forms of payment include checks, cash, wire transfer, ACH bank transfer, Bitcoin, PayPal, and most credit cards. There will be an automatic 3% charge to use credit or debit card, and a 2% charge to use ACH Transfer or Venmo . Please note that this fee will be applied to all third party transactions, and it will be the responsibility of the client to cover this cost. Lionsgate provides a secure invoice and payment portal where automatic reminders will be emailed to you and where you can log in to see all updated invoices and make payments as you wish. Access to your payment portal will be emailed at the time of booking to the email of the client noted above. All clients must provide credit card information to secure their obligations under this Agreement. Payment information for your event will be updated during the planning process as changes are made, as will arrangements for you to make such updated payments.  Any changes to your event which happen during your event may result in extra charges (additional guests, staffing, gratuities, overtime, damages, etc.) will be due and owing by you to Lionsgate within 7 days of billing. The Base Facility Fee(s) (in addition to the Booking Fee) will be due on or before the date(s) noted in this Agreement. The estimated optional extras including waitstaff labor, taxes, etc. will be due on or before 7 days prior to your event date.  If any scheduled payment has not been received within 7 days of the due date, payment may be charged to the on-file credit card without further notice.  If any credit card payment is declined and not replaced immediately after notice sent to the client’s email listed above, client shall be deemed to have elected to cancel the event and client shall be responsible for paying all amounts due for a canceled event.  Personal checks will not be accepted less than 30 days prior to the event date.  In the event that any check or other payment is not honored when presented by Lionsgate for payment for any reason, client shall immediately reimburse Lionsgate for its administrative expenses in the amount of $50, together with any charges assessed by Lionsgate’s bank or other payment services.  If any payment is not promptly made when it is due, a late payment charge of 10% of the balance which is late shall be immediately due from client.  Additional late fees of 10% per month shall accrue on any amounts remaining unpaid and continue to be accrued until fully paid.  If any account is assigned for collection, client shall be responsible for all costs of collection, including but not limited to legal fees, court costs, and the fee charged by the collector (typically 40%).  All such fees and costs shall be cumulative.  Nothing herein shall be deemed to limit the remedies available to Lionsgate, and Lionsgate shall be entitled to all appropriate remedies, whether grounded in law or in equity.


Security:  Client understands and agrees that Lionsgate does not provide security for any event.  In the event that client desires security at their event, or security is required by governmental authority, the vendor providing such security must be approved by and comply with all other requirements for vendors set forth herein and be paid for by the client.


Cancellations: If this contract is canceled by client for any reason the entire Booking Fee is non refundable.  If the event is canceled after any Base Facility Fee due date, any Base Facility Fee Payments shall also be non-refundable.  If this Agreement is canceled after any Base Facility Fee due date, the amount of the Base Facility Payments shall be immediately due and payable if not been previously paid.  Lionsgate is authorized to charge the credit card held on account under this Agreement for any charges under this Agreement which have not been paid when due.  Client agrees that the amount of such fees is a reasonable estimate of the damages that Lionsgate will suffer if the event is cancelled, including but not limited to the services of the Event Coordinator, other staff members, the lost opportunity to schedule a different event, and administrative expenses, which may be difficult or impossible to determine, and shall be considered to be liquidated damages. If the event is cancelled prior to the due date for any payment, then any payments which were received by Lionsgate prior to due dates will be refunded by check and mailed USPS first class mail to the person and address requested by client.  All cancellations must be in writing by letter or by email.  After the notice of cancellation has been received, Lionsgate will email you confirmation of cancellation.  You should retain such confirmation in your records.


Catastrophic Events:  In the unlikely event that Lionsgate is unable to host your event at the venue you have chosen on the date and time it is scheduled for any reason (other than events planned to be outdoors which must be moved indoors due to adverse weather conditions, or events planned to be indoors which can be moved outdoors or to another available venue), including restrictions on the number of guests which can actually attend, whether foreseeable or not, including but not limited to power outages, fire, flood, tornado, famine, war, terrorism or threat of terrorism, explosions, gas leaks, electrical or plumbing failures, catastrophe, governmental intervention, acts of God, serious public or specific health concerns (as determined by Lionsgate in its sole discretion, regardless of whether governmental orders have been issued), impossibility or improbability of performance, travel restrictions, pandemics, epidemics, force majeure, or any other reason (collectively, "Force Majeure Events"), then Lionsgate and client shall work together to find a way that the event may be held in a manner that is as close as possible to how, where and when it was originally planned or is otherwise satisfactory to both Lionsgate and client.  Events do not always come off exactly as they are planned, in spite of the best efforts of Lionsgate, your vendors and you.  Unplanned things happen.  Try to be flexible.  The things that happen that are not expected can sometimes make your event even more memorable.  Especially for events planned for outdoors, clients are strongly urged to have a bad-weather plan.  Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible to move the event, in whole or in part, to other venue(s) on the Lionsgate property, if they have not been already booked for other events.  Alternatively, client may elect to postpone their event for up to six months, to any other date or venue at Lionsgate, or both, that has not previously been scheduled.  If such new date is a day of the week that would ordinarily cost less, Lionsgate will not issue any monetary refunds.  If the new date available is one that would ordinarily cost more, the client will pay the difference.  If the client wishes to postpone the event date to more than six months from original date, the event will be considered to be cancelled by the client, making all Booking, Facility and other fees non-refundable. A new Agreement with new Booking, Facility and other fees must then be entered into for the rescheduled event.  The risk of any such catastrophic event and the extent to which it may affect client’s event lies solely with the client, and Lionsgate’s sole responsibility shall be to work with the client to find a way that the event may be held in a manner that is as close as possible to how, where, and when it was originally planned, or is otherwise satisfactory to both Lionsgate and client.  Lionsgate is fully aware of the importance and meaning that events scheduled with Lionsgate have for all of its clients, and will accommodate clients’ desires within reason, and do everything it considers to be within reason to make your event as special as possible.   The moving of the location of the event or the rescheduling the date and/or time of the event as described herein shall be the client’s sole remedy for the occurrence of any of the catastrophic circumstances outlined above, and such circumstances shall not entitle client to cancel the event without consequences, to terminate client’s obligations under this Agreement, or to a refund of any fees paid or owed to Lionsgate.  The possibility of such catastrophic events is one of the reasons why we require clients to obtain event cancellation insurance.


Limitation of Liability:  In the unlikely event that your event is cancelled at the election of Lionsgate, then client, as his, her, its, or their sole remedy shall be entitled to a full refund of all amounts client has paid to Lionsgate, and no other damages.  Whatever the issue and whatever the cause or reason, however, client agrees that the liability of Lionsgate, its owners, officers, directors, employees, agents, contractors, vendors, and affiliates for mistakes, errors, omissions, negligence, accidents, wrongful acts, intentional or willful acts, deficiencies in performance, breach of contract, or otherwise shall be limited to a maximum of the total amount which client has paid to Lionsgate pursuant to this Agreement, and Lionsgate shall not under any circumstances be held liable for special, consequential, or punitive damages, or any damages grounded in tort.  Such amount shall be deemed to be liquidated damages, and client agrees to accept a refund of the amounts it has paid to Lionsgate as a full and final settlement of any and all claims which may arise or be asserted by client.


Publicity Release: Client grants to Lionsgate, its affiliates, licensees, and assigns, the right to record, copyright, broadcast, perform, display, publish, copy, or otherwise use client’s name, image, picture, voice, and biographical information in any form or medium for marketing or any and all other purposes.  Client waives any and all right which he or she may have to inspect or approve the finished product or other material that may be used in conjunction therewith or the use to which it may be applied.  Client releases, discharges, and agrees to hold harmless Lionsgate, its owners, officers, directors, employees, agents, contractors, vendors, licensees, and assigns from any liability that might occur or be produced by virtue of any use of such image and information or in the making of any picture or recordings or in any process tending toward the completion of any finished product.


Rules and Requirements: Client, for themselves and for their guests and vendors, agrees to comply with all rules and requirements for the use of the Lionsgate facilities, whether set forth in this Agreement or in other documents and information provided to client or posted on Lionsgate’s website, as well as any rules or requirements communicated to client by Lionsgate’s Coordinators or management, written or oral.


Incorporation:  Matters detailed in Lionsgate’s Brochure, website, “What to Expect,” “Vendor Package” and other documents and information provided to client by Lionsgate, as well as any rules, requirements, or instructions hereafter communicated to client by Lionsgate’s Coordinator or management, written or oral, are hereby incorporated into this Agreement, and shall be binding on client.  If you have booked Lionsgate’s “Vendor Package” the terms of that agreement will be set forth in a separate document, but will be treated as part of the entire package for the event.


Miscellaneous Provisions:

This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Colorado. 

  • The parties agree that the jurisdiction and venue of any action arising out of the interpretation or enforcement of this Agreement shall be the courts situate in Boulder County, Colorado. 

  • This Agreement shall benefit and be binding upon the parties and their heirs, successors, representatives, and assigns. 

  • Client acknowledges that they have consulted with an attorney of their own choosing to the extent of their desires. 

  • This Agreement and the other information incorporated herein contain and constitute the entire agreement of the parties concerning the subject matter hereof, and any and all prior communications and negotiations are deemed to be merged into this Agreement. 

  • Except for rules, requirements, and instructions hereafter communicated to client by Lionsgate’s Coordinator and/or management, this Agreement may be modified only by writings signed by both parties. 

  • Forbearance by Lionsgate in enforcing any of its rights under the terms of this Agreement shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any other rights or subsequent breaches of this Agreement by client. 

  • In the event of any dispute arising out of the interpretation or enforcement of this Agreement, Lionsgate shall be awarded all attorneys’ fees incurred by it in connection with such dispute, whether or not legal action is commenced in any court. 

  • This Agreement is personal to client, and client may not assign its rights or obligations under this Agreement.  

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