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What About a Thursday Wedding?

Have you considered a Thursday wedding but just can’t commit because it's not the official weekend? We think Thursdays are one of the best days to have a wedding and here's why!

Worried about your guests? Having your wedding on a Thursday does mean they most likely will take a long weekend to enjoy your wedding, but why is that a bad thing? Provide your guests with the whole weekend to explore the state! Let them know your favorite places nearby and give them a weekend getaway they will never forget! There are so many great breweries, beautiful hiking trails, and fun restaurants that provide unique flavors that will leave your guests wanting another week just to enjoy all that this location has to offer.

Ok yes, almost everyone looks forward to Fridays because it signals the start of the weekend, but let’s not forget about those “thirsty Thursdays” we looked forward to in college. There’s just something special about a Thursday night. You’ve gotten over the Wednesday hump and you're so close to the finish line of the week. Why not start the weekend early by throwing a party to celebrate your love!

Planning a wedding on a budget? At Lionsgate, Thursdays are available at a discount! That way you can put your money elsewhere to upgrade your guests' experience with that appetizer setup you were dreaming about, splurging on a boomerang photo booth or providing a fancy signature cocktail!

Lots of friends getting married around the same year as you? With a big group of friends it can sometimes feel like everyone is getting engaged and married around the same time. Since Saturdays are such a popular day to get married, you are less likely to have a friend getting married on your date.

Above all, this is your day! If you are excited about a special date and it happens to land on a Thursday, we say GO FOR IT!

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