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Updated: May 10, 2019

The Lit Love Story of Callie and James

Callie and James form a cool, unique duo who were passionate about their wedding day being true to who they are and how they wanted to celebrate. So many aspects of the night were personalized and in line with their style.

Their beautiful ceremony held in the Chandelier Barn was staged in reverse, with the couple standing at the base of the stairs, letting the greenery adorned banisters do all the work. A solo violinist played while guests mingled. At 4:20pm the barn door closed and guests found their seats. After a pause, the barn door opened with the groom walking his mother down the aisle. The bridal party followed and the door closed again. The violinist seamlessly transitioned to the bridal song, with a dramatic pause before the door reopened to reveal Callie and her father Jamie.

Their close friend Dylan was their officiant. He read their personalized script which talked about the interstellar workings of the universe, how the moon and sun work together, and how we are all just made of stardust. Dylan the officiant read the whole script out of a Calvin and Hobbes book. The bride’s brother read a quote from Neil deGrasse Tyson. Mother of the bride Mary’s dog is a beautiful Beauceron pup named Luke who was the ring bearer. He sat at the end of the aisle during the entire ceremony until it was time to exchange rings. They called him and he ran down the aisle and delivered the rings with success. Though the set up of the ceremony was reminiscent of tradition, their ceremony was true to them.

After the ceremony, cocktail hour met you with illuminated cocktail tables, floral hoops hanging above the bar, the black pipe and drape polaroid station with illuminated clips for the photos to be hung, and a painting station all centered around the beautiful 18th century stained glass in the Gatehouse. The Groom’s family is from Canada and the Bride’s family is from the US. They integrated this into the guests’ table decor with a tiny Canada and USA flag pin on each guests napkin. Incorporated into each centerpiece were maple leaves from Canada preserved with wax. Outside was a welcoming Cannabis tent with two budtenders and string lights.

The appetizer station contained mini corn dogs, soft pretzel bites, and a mustard fountain! The couple entered the reception and immediately went into their first dance which was to Limetree played and sang by the groom’s brother, Evan. After cake cutting the bride changed outfits and went outside to perform a fire show! The crowd followed, music blared, and fire was thrown. The performance was choreographed and was most definitely mesmerizing.

After the fire show, the reception transformed into a hula hooping dance floor. At a typical wedding, the sign of a successful reception is a full dance floor but this was an unconventional reception. Looking around the room there were guests getting lost in the painting station, working on the canvas guest book. There were guests taking polaroid photos, friends hula hooping on the dance floor with LED hula hoops, mingling family getting mesmerized by the illuminating hula hoops. Friends were huddled around the cannabis tent outside, the dessert station was raided, and everyone was spending their time exactly the way they wanted to. The bride and groom were found at the end of the evening dancing on the dance floor, surrounded by their closest friends and family who fully accepted them and how they wanted to celebrate in a way that reflected them as a couple.

Vendor Team for this Wedding:

Planner: Alaina at Lionsgate Event Center

Venue: Chandelier Barn and Gatehouse at Lionsgate Event Center

Hair & Makeup: Elegance by Design Florist: Statice Floral Photographer: Chris Gentile Entertainment: Encore Caterer: Greens Point Photobooth: All Digital

Bud Bar: Irie Events

Lighting: Lighting and Design by Scott

Live Music: DJ Maestro - Violinist Chris

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