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The Wedding Lounge

Over the last few years we've seen a growing trend towards a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere at weddings. Gone are the days of boring and stuffy receptions and nowadays couples are incorporating more and more fun and unique touches to their celebrations. One of our absolute favorite trends is incorporating lounge areas into your cocktail and reception spaces! Soft seating, or lounge areas, are characterized by plush couches, chic coffee tables, ottomans and other furniture. These styled lounge areas are becoming a staple at weddings and it makes total sense! After all, besides the ceremony the best part of the party is all about your guests mixing, mingling, and celebrating. What better way to have your loved ones enjoy each other's company than by giving them a space to be entertained and comfortable.

Often so much thought is put into the seating arrangements for reception tables but often that is only an hour or so of your party. After then for the most part, the main entertainment will be provided by a DJ and a dance floor. And while this is great for all those that love to bust a move, what about the guests with two left feet (*cough* cough* definitely not me!) or those who would simply rather sit back and savor the celebrations from afar? Enter the wedding reception lounge! With many guests preferring to spend the evening sitting and chatting with old friends and meeting new ones, adding a lounge space to your reception makes perfect sense. Not only do lounges look cool, but your guests will love having a comfortable place to hang out instead of being stuck sitting at their table or awkwardly standing by the bar. The right seating can make for a comfortable, inclusive, and beautiful evening!

Whether located near the bar for casual seating, out on one of our stunning patios, or cozied up to one of our may fireplaces — to help create the perfect set for your big day, we work with an amazing rental company WallFlower that will design a lounge area that is as inviting as it is functional. They can customize and bring in lounge furniture as well as decor in the same color palette and theme as the rest of your décor!

No matter your wedding's size, style, or feel, a lounge area is a great way to customize the space and set the tone for your event. Thinking of incorporating a lounger set or two into your special day? Ask your coordinator today how!!

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