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Till Death Do Us Part

Sophia & Orlando 10/15/20

Alaina Reis - Coordinator

Catering - Il Cafe Coffee Truck, Steuben’s Food Truck

Upon meeting Sophia, she made it very clear that her and Orlando’s main priority for their wedding day was to give their guests a fun party, to take care of them, and to show gratitude for their support.

Sophia and Orlando were initially booked at Lionsgate for a Chandelier Barn morning ceremony and designed their lunch reception to be at a different location. As the world evolved around COVID and different venues had to adjust to county allowances, they found themselves without a reception site for their intimately sized morning wedding.

The Lionsgate team is determined to do all that we can in every scenario, so I teamed up with Sophia to design her Chandelier Barn ceremony followed by an outdoor patio lunch reception to ensure her wedding day was able to be as close to how she imagined as possible.

Til Death Do Us Part was the theme of the day. We decked out cocktail tables with black crush linens, Sophia’s squad decorated with black bottles, red roses, and skulls. The place was definitely transformed into Sophia and Orlando’s vision. Sophia and her daughters stayed in one of our on-site suites the night before wedding day, that way they could wake up stress free and start getting ready for the morning ceremony. We had Il Cafe Coffee Truck set up beside the Chandelier Barn entry so guests could warm up with a cup of gourmet coffee as they took their seats inside.

Sophia designed her ceremony in such a unique way and I loved every second of it. Her children walked down the aisle, followed by Sophia walking with her oldest son. The ceremony was beautifully worded with an equal mix of English and Spanish. Once the ceremony ended, instead of walking back down the aisle in a recessional, the officiant announced, “And now Sophia and Orlando will share their first dance as husband and wife”. Sophia’s friend and daughter played guitar and sang as the newly wedded couple slowly danced surrounded by their loved ones. Once the song was over, the officiant pronounced them as husband and wife and they recessed out the front doors to jump right into photos.

We then opened the side door to the Chandelier Barn and upon exiting through that side door guests were welcomed to the Airstream Patio with music, cocktail tables, heaters, Steuben’s Food Truck, and Il Cafe Coffee Truck. Guests practiced social distancing while adventuring into the space and mingling. Steuben’s had Monte Cristo Sandwiches, Philly Cheese Steaks, and Pulled Pork Sandwiches while Il Cafe Coffee Truck was dishing out gourmet lattes, hot chocolates, macchiatos, and more.

Once photos were over, the black cakes were cut and Sophia and Orlando joined all of their guests. You could tell these two felt so relieved that they were able to have their wedding day, and the fact that their guests were able to join them. It was definitely a day to remember.

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