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Something Old: Vintage trends making a comeback in the 2020s

The 2020s are here and vintage trends are adding a classic touch to modern weddings. From dress silhouettes to decor, vintage trends are back and better than ever!


Popular wedding dresses are taking notes from past styles. Sexy silk sheaths from the 1990’s are all the rage, while Bridgerton created a demand for romantic, soft styles. Modern brides have a wealth of choices when it comes to dress style. You can find 50’s style tea dresses just as easily as 70’s inspired lace numbers.

Photos by From the Hip Photography

Don’t worry I didn’t forget the suits! Colored suits, bow ties, suspenders, and even velvet are all making a comeback as well! These are perfect if you are going for that dapper, subtle vintage look. I like to think of modernized versions of the Peaky Blinders or Joe Pesci in My Cousin Vinny.

Photo by Kelly Whitman Photography


The vintage nods don’t start and stop with wedding dresses. Mid-century lounge sets, lace accents, pearls, and pastel florals all add that subtle vintage vibe to your wedding. Check out these beautiful setups from weddings here at Lionsgate. The trick is to mix vintage elements with trendy, modern pieces, such as acrylic seating charts and neon signs.

Photo by Lauren Finch Photography


Couples have been bringing back unity activities for that touch of vintage romance in their ceremonies. Hand-fasting, an ancient Celtic tradition, is growing in popularity again. This is where the term “tying the knot” came from! The couple's hands are tied together with a long ribbon or cord, showing their intent to be joined. When taking it off, make sure to keep the knot intact for good luck and a long marriage!

Photo by Red Aspen Photography


Everyone loves a good diamond, but modern brides are bringing back non-diamond engagement rings. Think Princess Diana’s sapphire and Grace Kelly’s rubies. Even modern celebrities are getting on this trend. You can not only spend less for a larger carat, but show off your personality with a gem as unique as you are!

Photo by Brittani Chin Photography

Couples have been loving grand exits and fun, photo guest books. You can incorporate vintage touches to these so easily! Why opt for a limo when a 1960s Rolls Royce can take you off in style after dancing the night away? Instead of having your guests sign a standard guest book, have them take a polaroid for your memories! Guests can take individuals or take a group table shot. This adds a slight vintage feel while still remaining trendy and modern!

Photo by Brittani Chin Photography

Couples are loving this trend of incorporating vintage touches to their wedding and so are we! It adds that extra touch of personality while still keeping it classy and romantic.

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