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Slip n’ Slide Date Night!

It's time to bring Date Night home!

Though I love my partner, sitting next to him on the couch everyday has lost its luster. We needed some good old fashion fun to shake the mental funk and I thought of a creative and clean idea; Slip n’ Slide Date Night! It’s a fun and easy way to get off the cozy couch, clean the floors and spice things up in the kitchen with your boo! 

Step 1: Drizzle soap (any soap will do) all over your kitchen flooring. 

Step 2: Add a dash of water.

Step 3: Take your socks off.

Step 4: Mix the soap and water with your feet.

Use the counters to stabilize yourselves as you skate across the soapy floor! Dance, electric slide, and spin your partner round and round. Laughter is the best medicine. So have fun with it!

When done, lay a towel down on the floor and use your feet to wipe it all up. It’s that simple. An indoor experience with the promise of outdoor fun.  

So, pop open the nice bottle of champagne from the back of the fridge. Turn the music up and pull out that old mini disco ball to set the mood. Slip n’ Slide the night away with your own kitchen dance party! 

Please Use Caution.


-Author Karen Cook

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