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Phishy Details

Emily & Nick

January 2020

Chandelier Barn Ceremony

Gatehouse Reception

Coordinator - Alaina Reis

Photographer - Alicia Greenwell

Disc Jockey - DJ Maestro

Bar - Party Liquor

Florist - Lafayette Florist

Lighting - Lighting & Design by Scott

Catering - Greens Point

Nick is a kind and fun-loving Phish phan who is perfectly matched with Emily, an artistic designer, and fellow Phish phan. From the beginning of wedding planning, they knew they didn’t want a cookie-cutter wedding and in turn,

they designed a day full of personalized details that helped make their wedding uniquely them.

This couple has shared many adventures throughout their relationship. When the opportunity presents itself they take a small amount of water as a souvenir during their adventures whether it’s from a lake while on vacation, or the ocean when Phish played on the beach in Mexico. They pour all of this water into a container in the home they share, blending all the memories in such a simple and symbolic way.

Nick and Emily asked their guests ahead of time to bring a small amount of water from their own special places to blend together during their wedding ceremony. Guests brought water from family wells, neighboring lakes, and recent vacations. During their ceremony, a bridesmaid played violin as each guest had a chance to come up and add their water, mixing the two families' good intentions with Emily and Nick’s accumulated memories. As if it couldn’t be more perfect, Emily walked down the aisle to I Am Hydrogen by Phish.

Once the ceremony ended, guests entered the Gatehouse where they were welcomed by a seating chart that Emily had beautifully crafted using thread. Further into the Gatehouse was a slowly spinning Disco Ball hanging above their sweetheart table, and each table had a collection of small disco balls that Emily and Nick made by hand.

After First Dances, a large ring was lowered from the ceiling where Emily and Nick hung their disco balls to the fasteners hanging from the ring. Yet another detail the two put so much time into making. Guests were then invited to hang their own disco balls from their tables, blending all the guests’ disco balls and creating a stellar chandelier that was raised above the dance floor.

This day was a beautiful culmination of a dreamy relationship, years of adventures, and a ton of personalized details. Emily and Nick ended the night with one of the most lively dance floors I've seen, followed by a candle-lit send off surrounded by all of their special people.

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