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At Lionsgate we believe that no two couples are the same, so no two weddings should be either - and that includes the bar! With all the hard work you’ve put in to customizing your perfect day, the bar should match who you are too. Check out these fun and unique takes on champagne, cocktail bars, glassware and garnishes. These twists might just be the personal touch you have been looking for!


Raise a glass to celebrate with these fun twists on the classic glass of champagne.

Champagne walls are a unique way to make a statement on your big day. Vertical hedge walls hang pre-poured glasses of champagne. Offer them right as guests enter the ceremony so your guests can toast to you as you say, “I do”! Another option is to use them as your seating chart. Add personalized straws or tags on each glass for guests to find their tables. Our amazing Lighting & Design vendor, Scott has designed beautiful hedge walls that are easy to rent in and incorporate into your big day!

You can also get creative with the champagne itself! Let's be honest - we all been at that wedding where there's a toast that goes on a few minutes too long. Adding a little bit of excitement to a classic glass of champagne will certainly keep your guests entertained and excited. Try out additions such as rock candies, food dye, custom swizzle sticks or my personal favorite..popsicles!

Cocktail “Bars”

Mix it up even more and offer a fun cocktail “bar”! Guests love to interact and tend to remember experiences more than anything else. So why shouldn’t the drinks be an experience too?! Have your guests get creative with a fun sangria, gin & tonic, mimosa or mojito bar. Bartenders pour the spirits and guests can go crazy with custom mix-ins and garnishes.

If you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy with love - an apple cider, hot toddy or spiked hot cocoa bar may be perfect for your big day. Cocoa Bars let you go crazy with all sorts of sweet mix-ins like chocolate chips, whipped cream, peppermints, cookies and more! A cider or hot toddy bar can be great for those that love whiskeys and brandys.

Bloody Mary and Mimosa bars are another great option that allows guests to get really creative with their cocktail. They are especially perfect for a brunch or breakfast wedding as they can serve as a great addition to or alternative to offering a full bar. I don't know about you - but getting married, drinking mimosas with friends and family and being back in my bed before 5pm, sounds like a dream day!

Unique Drinkware

Opting for unique or different types of glassware can be a personal touch that elevates your cocktails to something really special.

Copper mugs, mason jars or vintage colored glassware are all awesome ideas. In the past we’ve seen brides get creative and source all different vintage glasses from local thrift stores. It makes for a beautiful tablescape and sometimes guests get to take home the glass as a personal gift from the couple. So fun & unique! Don’t have the time or energy for another diy project? No worries, our awesome partners at Event Rent’s have great options to choose from!

We LOVED Alaina’s idea to use teacups to serve all the cocktails out of during our “Gothic Tea Party” date night!

Finishing Touches

The creativity doesn't have to stop once the cocktails are mixed! These finishing touches can have big effects that you and your guests are sure to love.

Edible flowers are such a fun touch! Whether you choose to use them as garnish, muddle them in a drink or freeze them into ice cubes, they add such a romantic and gorgeous feel. Go with everyday varieties like roses, pansies, violets, orchids or lavender. Or try something a little more adventurous like, borage blossom, micro dianthus, or buzz buttons (these make your mouth tingle!) They are all completely safe to eat and just oh so pretty.

Feeling really adventurous? Go all out and offer dry ice cocktails to your guests. The dry ice makes your drink bubble and smoke and adds a mystical feel to your cocktails. Plus it's 100% safe to drink and I mean just super cool!

All specialty drinks don’t have to be sweet or fruit based either! For the bride or groom with more singular tastes, a smoked cocktail may be the perfect match. Bartenders place a drink, such as an old fashioned, into a smoking cloche for just a few seconds and it adds a unique and subtle smokiness to the cocktail. Especially great with whiskey’s - trust us, we’ve taste tested for you ;)

Whatever you’d like in your glass as you toast and celebrate your new union, we are here to help make it happen! Talk to your coordinator about your vision or reach out directly to our amazing partners at Party Liquor for a customized quote. We can’t wait to toast to you!


-Author Natalie Mercier