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Plan a date outside in Colorado-Quarantine style!

Since we’re stuck inside, we all have had to get a little bit more creative on planning dates. It’s hard to be stuck inside sometimes and some might say even harder when the weather gets a little colder, but that doesnt always need to be the case! WIth Colorado weather being unpredictable, we can be outside writing quotes in sidewalk chalk one day and making snowmen the next! And that’s exactly what Marianne, our receptionist decided, to do with her husband, (and party liquor bartender) Colin!

Step 1: Check the weather!

You never know when the 70 degree weather is going to turn into a snowstorm, so be prepared! If you see that snow is headed your way, that doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up inside. Get those layers on and get outside, even for 30 minutes!

Step 2: Gather your supplies.

You might happen to have chalk in your garage, but if you don’t, Walmart pick-up and Amazon offer an easy fix! For your snowman, gather odds and ends from your house; bottle caps, buttons, string. Or to add an extra piece to the date, Have a scavenger hunt for the perfect sticks, leaves and other treasures to add to your snowman friend.

Step 3: Color and Create!

Creating a snowman doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking. If the snow is scarce, collect it from cars and around your backyard and make a miniature snowman! 

Drawing with chalk can be fun, but you don't need to be an artist to have fun with coloring sticks! Take turns drawing silly pictures and guessing what it is and time each other for an added challenge! Write quotes to inspire the neighborhood or let out your inner child and make an obstacle course with jumps, turns and hopscotch!

Step 4: Take pictures!

We’re all living through history right now. Photographs are an easy way to document these memories. So take those pictures or write down your thoughts from the day in a journal. These little moments will make big memories in the future. Don’t forget that you’re in this together, enjoy the time together, stress less, and love more.

-Author Marianne Argys

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