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How To Make Your Own Chia Seed Pets

What You Need

  • Chia seed

  • Potting soil

  • Terracotta pot

  • Stocking/Nylon

  • Googly eyes

  • Thumb tacks

  • Rubber bands

  • Bowl

  • Spray bottle


  1. Soak a couple heapings of chia seed in water in your bowl overnight.

  2. Pour some of the soaked chia seeds into the nylon. You may want to use a cup to hold the nylon open so it is easier to get the seeds inside.

  3. Pour soil on top of the chia seeds. Pull the nylon out of the cup and maneuver it around until it is in a ball that is a little bigger than the pot itself.

  4. Knot off the nylon at the base of the ball. Flip the ball upside down and place the excess nylon into the pot. Set the ball on top of the pot.

  5. Move the ball around and create the shape that you want the ball to be. Use the rubber bands to make animal shapes!

  6. Hot glue the googly eyes to the thumb tacks and stick those in the animals head.

  7. Place your new friend in a sunny spot and spray with water regularly.

  8. Your new friend should be furry in a matter of days!

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