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How To Create A Smokey Eye Look For Beginners!

Let me start off by saying that I am in no way a professional or really even qualified to be teaching you this information. I do, however, have a lot of experience putting make-up on my own face and one of my favorite eye looks is the smokey eye. The key to getting the perfect smokey eye is blending. Lots and lots of blending. Since this is such a popular yet hard to perfect look, what better time to start experimenting than now while you have time in quarantine!

Amy Conway, a Bobbi Brown senior PRO artist, says that the key is to keep your darkest color closest to your lash line. She also suggests sticking to three colors and a liner so that it stays simple. These tips will help draw the attention to your eye and not the makeup itself. Amy’s last tip is to blend. She says to use your brushes and blend really well to create the sultry look you are going for.

There are six simple steps to creating the perfect smokey eye:

First, apply a neutral medium color all over your eyelid as a base. This works best with greys and browns to keep the look subtle.

Second, apply a liner along your lash line. A gel liner is optimal so that it won’t move it’s place all day/night.

Third, apply a darker color over the liner and blend this color about half way up your eyelid. Go back in with your neutral medium color and blend the top of your darker color so that there is no harsh line.

Fourth, stamp the same darker color onto the root of your lower lash line. Use your neutral medium color to blend the lower lash line out. You can also use your fingers to smudge the color for an even smokier look.

Fifth, add your finishing touches. This could be applying mascara on your top and bottom lashes. This could be applying false lashes. This could be eyebrow and inner corner highlights.This could be adding a little glitter. Whatever you feel comfortable with to make this look your own!

I hope you learned a little something and this helped you stay busy at home. Send us some pictures of your finished look so we can admire your work!

-Author Hanna Stimac

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