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Harry Potter Date Night

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Step into the wedding world of Lionsgate at our Harry Potter Date Night curated by one of our coordinators Hanna.

-Words from Hanna

"I am a HUGE Harry Potter nerd, so I always knew I wanted to host a Harry Potter Date Night. I was a little nervous because of how popular the series is and how big of a following it has. When planning my theme, I decided if I was going to plan an event about Hogwarts, I wanted it to be flawless! My main focus was the Great Hall with the long house tables, head table, and floating candles. Every other space of the Gatehouse had a nod to Harry Potter from the brick wall at Platform 9 3/4 at the front door to the entrance to the Ministry of Magic in the restroom stalls. Each preferred vendor had a little visual prop that went along with each Hogwarts class that they were assigned so the couples could feel as though they were pulled into the book as they walked through the space."

Use our Date Nights to find your wedding dream team with our preferred vendors! Check out highlight photos below of our most recent date night.


Thanks our Vendors

Photography - Chris Gentile

Officiant - Kim Tavendale

DJ - Noble ShowTek

Bakery - The Dessert Stand

Lighting & Design - Scott Lighting & Design

Catering - Savory Cuisine

Travel - RnR Vacations

Videography - All Digital Rentals

Event Rents

Hair & Make Up - Kim J Beauty

Florist - Statice Floral Liquor

Party Liquor

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