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Glamping Date Night!

I’ve been thinking back to the numerous times my husband and I were freely able to go camping! We first met along the bank of a local hot spring. Instantly, we gravitated towards one another and spent the rest of the night gazing up at the stars and watching the fire calmly burn. Ever since that day, I have thought of camping as OUR thing we do together as a couple. We have traveled to camp grounds all over the United States to recreate that spark we had the first day we met.

There is nothing stopping us from rekindling the flame right here at home! In true quarantine fashion, it’s time to bring the outdoors in! Let’s have a Glamping Date Night! Glamping is simply camping glamorously. It’s an easy way to feel like you're outdoors while still enjoying the luxuries of home.

Here's how to get started!

Grab any handy camping gear. Set up your tent in the living room or build a tent fort out of couch cushions and blankets. Blow up the air mattress and put as many blankets on it as you can find. Cozy is key! Pull out the Christmas lights to string through the top of the tent to mimic a starry night. Light the fire to set the mood and open the doors to bring in the chill. Trust me, it's the best cuddle encourager. Munch on some popcorn while watching your favorite movie. Sparks will go flying!


-Author Karen Cook

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