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Elevate Your Cocktail Hour Date Night


Venue: Lionsgate Event Center - The Gatehouse

Planners: Alaina Reis & Natalie Mercier

Beverage Burros: Sparrow Hill Farm

Permanent Jewelry: Noontide Jewelry

Live Band: Lost in the Mail

Silent Disco: Big Little Sound

Florist: Lafayette florist

Dessert: The dessert stand

Alcohol & Bartending: Party liquor

Catering: Greenspoint catering

Photography: Kate Merrill photo

Click Here for more photos from Kate Merril of our “Elevate your cocktail hour” Date Night!

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This year we decided to really focus our attention on two date nights and had our wedding coordinators collaborate to plan each event! First up, Natalie and Alaina! Natalie is a charcuterie QUEEN with an elegant and clean aesthetic. With Alaina’s eclectic and EXTRA style and her eye for the unique and eye-catching, we could not have imagined a better result!

One of the things couples tell their coordinators most is how they want their wedding to really make their guests feel special and accommodated for. For such a short time, cocktail hour can be such a fun way to level up your wedding. The two reached out to our preferred vendors to find unique ways to help our couples give their cocktail hours a boost. Sparrow Hill Farm was invited to bring their adorable donkeys, Paisley and Pearl to welcome guests before they even entered date night. They can carry a variety of beverages for guests to grab and also get a quick pic with!

From the moment you walked into this date night, the ambiance gave that “wow moment” feeling. Music Box productions provided a greenery champagne wall that doubled as a mock seating chart as well as a gorgeous lounge set to enjoy a customized cocktail or two from Party Liquor. The suspended charcuterie board may have been the centerpiece of the night but the hors d'oeuvres provided by Greenspoint catering was filled with flavorful options that had guests flocking to. Noontide Jewelry and Lafayette Florist really took things to the next level by providing guests with something memorable to take home. While Noontide did on-site permanent jewelry soldering that all of our staff had to take part in, Lafayette florist provided a custom hairpiece station that had many making fresh floral clips to match their date night ensemble.

Whether you enjoy live music to dance to or an option to switch through multiple silent disco stations, Natalie and Alaina had you covered. “Lost in the mail” is a live band that was always in tune with what our guests wanted. Kate Merrill, our talented photographer for the evening, even caught a few couples swing-dancing around the room. Big Little sound customized three color-coded stations where guests could enjoy listening to music through headphones while dancing along with their date. Other elevated options to wow your guests included a sunglasses station, a guess the number of pearls contest, and a customized crossword. As the night came to a close, everyone wanted to grab a sweet treat from The Dessert stand. Their bourbon pecan pie and pumpkin pie tartlets were the perfect end to a stellar night.

Click Here for more photos from Kate Merril of our “Elevate your cocktail hour” Date Night!

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