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30 Years of Lionsgate Event Center!

30 Years of Lionsgate Event Center

WOW! We cannot believe it’s been 30 years!

30 years of Chandeliers

30 years of Chickens

30 years of love stories

We are so excited to celebrate 30 years of Lionsgate Event Center. In Celebration of 30 years see what inspired our owners, Tom & Marie to create some of the most iconic places at Lionsgate Center.

What was the first piece of stained glass applied to Lionsgate Event Center?

The first stained glass we bought was the domed stained glass ceiling in the Dove House bar (came from a boat ride on Coney Island) and the stained glass window at the end of the bar.

The history of the Gatehouse stained glass piece

We were looking for a big statement piece for the west wall of the Gatehouse ballroom during the design phase of building and saw this amazing piece at an architectural auction and had to have it.  We were told it came from France from the 1880's, they were originally doors (see the two center panels) and in the 1920's the larger floral stained glass pieces were added.

Steve's Music Studio - attached to the barn

Steve has been a musician since he was 12 years old and has had a "garageband" with his friends in different parts of the property. The space that is now his "Lionsgate Studio" was originally the workshop, but when we built the big shop area out back he took over that space for his studio.  My mother had told Steve that she wanted to give him some money to make the studio nicer and after she passed away we made her wish a reality.  Steve and I did a lot of research on how to design a recording studio and created what it is today.

The Chandelier Barn

The Chandelier Barn was the last building on the property to be renovated and because we knew it would be great to have a backup separate indoor space for wedding ceremonies in case of bad weather, we figured this would be the perfect building. I really love the contrast of rustic with glam and had always envisioned gold chandeliers hanging everywhere in a rustic barn (WAY before that look became popular).  I also thought making it more of a French look would work as I love turquoise and gold together. I did a LOT of painting techniques to finally come up with how to paint the wood trim in a 7 step process to look like worn french paneling.  I still want to install aged gold cracked mirrors in the upper panels.

The Chickens

Tom and I were thinking about buying a place in Kawaii with a friend and totally fell in love with all of the wild chickens.  Also, I always wanted pet bantam chickens when I was a kid and even built a chicken coop in to look like a small barn with my dad, but never got the chickens. When Tom was out of town for a few days, I searched on the internet and found McMurry Hatchery. I bought over 100 chicks that were later delivered by mail. The Dove House already had the chicken coop, so we only had to divide off the back third to make their space.

We are thankful to still be celebrating love stories and we are here for you! Our staff is actively working with clients during these hard times.  Due to COVID-19 tours ARE available virtually and in person with social distancing practices in place. Please call 303-665-6525 or email for more information. 


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